The Mark Dally Slip Trailer

After sixteen years and 10,000 hours of slip trailing on clay, I have perfected the Mark Dally Slip Trailer© into the best slip trailing tool you can buy. The pliable, soft slip bag moulds to your hand allowing effortless, fine control over slip and glaze application, with no discomfort. Eight interchangeable tips give you a wide range of precision line thicknesses, all easily cleaned with the corresponding cleaning tools. No spluttering or splodging, no aches or strain, just precise, comfortable slip decoration with ease.

Received The Mark Dally Slip Trailer for xmas from my son. Have to say that I love it! A wonderful gadget easy to use and effective. Smashing product and although I thought it was pricey to start with, it’s all good quality stuff. Would have cost much more than that here in Norway. Seriously, sat with a smile on my face using it, its very comfortable and easy to use and no splodging at all. What a fabulous addition it is to my workbox! just so pleased with it.

J A Clark, Norway
Ceramic Artist/Theatre Manager

Once I was used to using the slip trailer it became a delight to operate. You can get a high degree of accuracy with it, as you can hold it like a pen and it solves my gripes with previous slip trailers I have bought, in that it doesn’t splodge and doesn’t cause your hands to ache. In short it is the best slip trailer I have used and I suspect the best slip trailer that you can purchase today. I found once the trailer was filled and all the air expelled, air was never sucked back into the trailer, which meant absolutely no splodging of slip and no having to prime the trailer by squeezing out any air before going onto the pot.

Lee Cartledge, Potter and Teacher
Bentham Pottery, UK,

Loving having a play, thank you so much. Did this drawing of the Six Sisters in Napier NZ on a curved salad bowl ! You made the latex bladder to fit my hand size and it's just great. So comfortable to use. Thank you.

Lynda Renner, Ceramic Artist
New Zealand

Using Mark’s slip trailer has transformed the way I work. The range of nozzle sizes makes it so much easier to work precisely and I don’t get the hand fatigue that I used to with the traditional bulb type of trailer. No fatigue means no more shaky-hand, and the smooth and predictable flow means no unexpected spurts or sudden dry runs.I have two now for ease of colour changes, and can’t imagine life without them now. Louise

Louise Atkinson, Potter
Reading, UK,


Mark Dally, MA. Ceramic Artist and Designer Maker,

Mark Dally Ceramics

I decorate my studio tableware, Black&WhiteWare, using traditional slip trailing and brushed slip techniques, in a contemporary take on traditional Staffordshire slipware.


Does the slip trailer splutter and spit?  No, because you expel air from the latex bag when filling (see above), you get no spluttering or spitting. Because the latex bag is soft, it self-seals and cannot draw air back down into the bag through the tip.

How do I change the stainless steel tips?

A simple twist to the left will unlock the tip. To tighten, turn to the right. All the tips have the same collar size, so fit snugly onto the slip trailer barrel.

If the stainless steel tips get blocked how do I clear them?   

Twist off the blocked tip and immerse in water. Fill the flushing syringe with water, insert into tip collar, and force the plunger down hard; the jet of water will flush out any blockage in the tip. If this does not work after a couple of tries, use the cleaning pins. The smaller tips can become blocked more easily, so push the fine or superfine cleaning pin down the end of the tip's tube to dislodge any blockage. Follow with a syringe flush of water. Typically, the larger tips only need a flush of water from the syringe.